Back Pain

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Back Pain

Back pain ranks among the most common medical complaints worldwide. Peter Atkins, DC, and the experienced team at Atkins Chiropractic in University Place, Washington, respect the back's fundamental role in the body. The office offers solutions to help you get immediate and long-term relief from back pain. If you're seeking a holistic approach to address and prevent back pain, call the office of Atkins Chiropractic or use the online booking form to schedule an appointment.

What are the primary causes of back pain?

Back pain can present in two primary ways. 

It may be acute and less than six weeks. A muscle strain or sprain is an example of an acute injury. 

Back pain may also be chronic, persisting for three months or more. Chronic pain may be a result of a condition like spinal stenosis.

Back pain is often localized in the lower (lumbar) spine. It can also result from injuries or degeneration in the upper (cervical) spine, leading to neck pain.

The most common causes of back pain include:

Muscle or ligament strain

Muscle or ligament strain is typically acute, resulting from injuries caused by heavy lifting or twisting.

Disc issues

Disc herniation, or “bulging” discs, irritates nearby nerves. This type of injury and pain often develops gradually due to wear-and-tear over time. Lumbar disc herniations result in lower back pain, while cervical disc herniations cause neck pain.


Osteoarthritis or inflammatory diseases can lead to inflammation in spinal joints, resulting in pain. Spinal stenosis, when the space inside the backbone is too narrow and puts too much pressure on the spine, is often related to arthritis. 


Age-related bone loss, particularly common in women, can lead to nerve compression and fragile bones.

Skeletal problems

Spinal irregularities, such as scoliosis, may be present at birth and can contribute to back pain.

How do you treat back pain?

The Atkins Chiropractic team diagnoses your back pain so you get the proper treatment. 

Once they understand the underlying issue, the Atkins Chiropractic team customizes a plan to address your pain. Your treatment may include:

  • Spinal adjustments and gentle chiropractic manipulations
  • Lumbar decompression
  • Hydromassage
  • Electrical stimulation therapy
  • Bracing and orthopedic inserts for posture correction
  • Deep penetrating heat therapy
  • Corrective exercises and stretching

The Atkins Chiropractic team is dedicated to finding solutions that help your body naturally heal for relief from back pain.

How many treatments will I need to heal from back pain?

Alleviating your back pain typically requires multiple sessions, often spanning several weeks. The chiropractic team may initially recommend 2-3 brief sessions per week, each lasting approximately 10-20 minutes. 

As your condition improves, the frequency of treatments may decrease to once a week. Throughout this process, the team monitors the effectiveness of your treatment plan and makes adjustments as needed.

Get expert care for your back pain. Call Atkins Chiropractic or use the online tool to book an appointment today.